In these scarce two years, we have worked hard to remain faithful to a single idea: to offer a natural and artisan product, always using traditional methods according to our customs.

If it was the contrasted quality of our milk that encouraged us in the dream of making a millennial product such as cheese; the support of the public prompted us to take our farm cheese to different festivals, in order to modestly represent our way of doing and working.

Thus, we have participated in different events and festivals in this short period of life, highlighting the following mentions obtained:

Gazta Market 2016

With the best 38 European row milk cheeses without preservatives or food colour.

cartel plata y bronce

World Cheese Awards 2016 (WCA).-


This is the World Cheese Championship, where more than 3,000 cheeses from 5 continents participated.

El Roano Craft Cheese won two awards in its first participation: world silver and world bronze, in the categories of raw milk cheese and cured cheese of pasteurized milk, respectively.


A unique experience with a spectacular result for our first year of life.

FITUR 2017.-

We had the immense pride that our cheese was chosen as one of the products that would represent our land at the 2017 International Tourism Fair.

Salón del Gourmet 2017.-

Included in the International Exhibition of Quality Food and Beberage Salón de Gourmets 2017, Top 10 Ranking of Best Blue Cheese and semi-finalist of the Semi-Soft Cheese category


“CapraEspaña” Internacional 2017.-

It was one of the few specific competitions of cheeses made with goat’s milk. Our fresh cheese obtained as a distinction to be chosen as one of the best 10 best of the contest. All a pride for a cheese with which our activity began.

The other pleasant surprise of the Contest, held in Talavera de la Reina, was to get our cheese to get the highest score as the Cured Cheese with the best taste and aroma by the jury of the III International Cheese Competition of Cabra “CapraEspaña Internacional 2017”

At this point, we can assure that it is a privilege to represent our land in competitions of this level, with such fantastic producers and articles, and, of course, we must thank our clients for transmitting their confidence in our daily work.