We encourage you to transmit us your opinión about our products, in order to keep on learning and improving. Our variety is the following:

Aged Cheeses

Our featured cheeses, with a silver and a bronze world awarded in November 2016.The one prepared with raw milk, in addition, was invited to the exhibition of the best European cheeses of its type in 2016.


  • 8 months aged cheese of raw milk.


  • 9 month aged cheese.

Blue cheeses

The Apple of our family’s eye. The only blue cheese of raw goat’s milk in the region, in April 2017 was choosen among the 10 best cheeses in the International Exhibition Salón de Gourmets.

  • Blue cheese of raw goat’s milk.


  • Cream of blue cheese (smallpot).


One of our recent joys, not only for its distinction among the 13 best cheese of its category in the International Gourmet Hall 2017,but also be cause it comes to recognize a variety of cheese with very Murcian nuances. Something very ours:

Rosemary cheese


Thyme cheese


Paprika cheese


Black pepper cheese


Olive oil cheese


Here every thing began. The two pillars of the Artisan Dairy Products: milk with sanitary levels and quality without comparison, and a fresh cheese that literally hooks for its authentic flavour

  • Fresh goat’s milk.
  • Fresh cheese

Goat cheese curl

Still somewhat unknown compared to other ranges, which makes them a wonder to discover.

  • Large (1 kg)
  • Small (330 gr).


Due to the artisan process used in the elaboration of our cheeses, our production is limited. Certain ítems may be served following a list order.We do appreciate your understanding, however Advanced purchase is recommended.